Who's Coming

At one time or another, virtually all of us are project managers, no matter what name or title we might otherwise go by. From the highly technical, long-term, involved projects... to the seemingly quick-and-dirty one-offs... and everything in between (think events, publications, upgrades, and so much more!)... project management tips and real-life advice from those on the race track can help you get the most MPG, navigate sharp corners, and drive your project to the winner's circle.

Who should attend?

Are you a project manager and don't know it? A newbie to the field? A seasoned professional looking for a refresher? You should attend Progress U. if...

  • You've just been assigned a new project – or you're about to be
  • You want to prepare for a project – big or small – coming down the pike
  • You want a refresher on project management tools and techniques
  • Your project team is stressed or has problems communicating
  • You want to bring cohesion and collaboration to your project team
  • You manage projects all the time – or once a year!
  • You're responsible for systems, upgrades, events, meetings, or something else that requires teaming with others and adhering to a plan to reach an end goal
  • You want to learn how to better manage time, cost, resources, and people to achieve project success
  • You're seeking tips for collaborating within a team
  • You want to interact with real-life project managers like yourself and expand your network
  • You want to understand the difference between managing a project yourself and hiring a professional
  • You want insight into working with a project manager within your organization, or hired by your organization
  • You're interested in earning CEU or PDU credits (you must apply for them on your own

Are you the boss?

Considering sending your project manager(s) or attending with them. This event is appropriate for a vareity of roles and levels of experience.

Special Offer

We offer special discounts for multiple attendees from the same organization. See our registration form for details.

Still not sure if Progress U. is right for you? Contact us with your questions.